Welcome to “Walk with me”, a new semi-regular installment where I share photos and musings from my walks.  Enjoy!

Flower or weed? Either way, it’s beautiful

These photos are from a recent walk in a new city park I found.  It’s got a frisbee golf course (awesome!), a big field and some riverfront, but not much besides that.  Mostly the only people who go there are people walking their dogs, playing sports, and frisbee players.  I love it. (And you might recognize the photo above from my new banner)

Natural bridge

I love this little natural bridge.  There’s a spring in the park that flows down to the river, and these tree roots go over the “stream”.  I can’t wait to take some outfit pictures here.

Amazing tree

This tree was growing at such a crazy angle.  Sometimes the best pictures come from looking up.

Train bridge

I love how urban meets nature with this train bridge.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my walk!

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