What can I say? Even Floridians feel compelled to take sunset photos at the beach.

My Summer 12 in 2012 goals are proceeding smoothly.  These past couple of weeks involved a beach vacation (!) which I’ll post about in detail later.  Let’s just say for now that it was awesome.

#1 – Create a workout plan that I can continue in the school year

Crossfit is still kicking my butt in an awesome way.  I got my swim on this week too, and did some casual bike riding.  I’m starting to try to add more walking too.  I discovered some new walking paths around my neighborhood that are a lot of fun.  I think I’m going to start carrying my new little digital camera with me on walks to document them.  I always see so many neat things.

#2 –  Swim once a week

Discovered that swimming in the Gulf is not the same as swimming in a pool – I don’t like it. Knowing that some wildlife could swim by me just kind of freaks me out.  But I did swim in my local city pool this week.  Win!

Dark chocolate coconut truffles – amazing!!

#3 –  Try one new Paleo recipe each week

I rocked this one these two weeks.  I tried several new smaller things, like a new marinade, and learning how to poach eggs (surprisingly easy, and not as smelly as frying).  I also made two recipes from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook:  dark chocolate coconut truffles and chopped liver.

The dark chocolate truffles were delish!  I now have a treat that doesn’t involve obscene amounts of sugar, that I can eat and feel good about.  I’ll be making these on a regular basis to lessen the desire for the types of treats I used to eat.  While I still love the taste of brownies, cookies, etc, all that sugar makes my lymph nodes swell up, and the grains make my stomach feel horrible.  I prefer treats that taste good without any negative after effects, so truffles will be around a lot.

Chopped liver – well, it was interesting.  I’ve never eaten any offal before, and I suppose it is a taste and texture that you have to get used to.  It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t particularly delicious; I kept thinking that I’d rather be eating steak.  Still, I’ll try some more offal recipes, and see if I can develop a taste for it – it’s super good for you, and insanely cheap.

Chopped liver – not as gross as everyone makes it out to be, but not amazingly tasty either

#4 –  Finally buy that co-op delivery subscription

Money is getting more stable now that vacation is over.  Plan to start this next week.

#5 –  Start eating grass-fed and finished beef (cowpooling anyone?)

Maybe I’m late to the game, but I just now found out that Whole Foods has a huge selection of grass-fed beef.  I guess I had just assumed that Whole Foods focused more on vegetarians, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover they have a lot of meat.

I also learned about a organic farm that delivers to different areas around Florida, who gives discounts to Crossfit box members.  I’ll be trying this out soon – it seems like a good way to get grassfed beef in bulk.

#6 –  Ride my bike once a week, for pleasure or exercise (or both)

Rode my bike for taking outfit photos, and for buying groceries.  I love having panniers!

#7 – #12 still haven’t happened yet, but I’m planning a trip to IKEA to get started on closet organization and my herb garden.

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