*Welcome to Bento Box Saturday!  Every week, I post a photo of one of my bento lunches.  I use a Laptop Lunches bento box and I love it because it helps me to reduce the amount waste I create, since I don’t produce a lot of extra garbage from throw away packaging.  I also love how it creates perfect portion sizes.  To learn more about how I pack and carry my bento, check out this post*

I did actually photograph an outfit this week, but my pictures didn’t turn out well, so I thought that I would catch up on my bento box pictures which I’ve been neglecting since January.  Look out for a Bento Box special edition post on Saturday!

Spinach salad with grape tomatoes, walnuts, feta and balsamic dressing
Carrot sticks and cheddar
Whole wheat crackers
Chobani strawberry yogurt

Red beans and yellow rice
Spinach salad with olives and feta
Carrot sticks and red bell pepper sticks
Roasted sweet potato

Chicken Kourma and rice
Grape Tomatoes
Feta, olives and red bell pepper slices
Whole Wheat crackers

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