*11 in 2011 is my New Year’s resolution project.  I have eleven attainable goals that I aim to meet by the end of 2011.  This post is a discussion of one of them*

Goal #4 in my 11 in 2011 project is to cook one new recipe every month.  I already made a new recipe for January, but I jumped the gun on February and decided to make these a few days early.  I think the more you try new recipes, the more you want to keep adding more new ones.

I found the recipe for these at Chronicle Books Blog, which was linked to by another blog, which I can’t remember.  It’s a recipe that involves a little prep time, a lot of waiting, some baking and a little more prep.  I didn’t take photos of the first phase, but basically you create the cookie dough, let it sit for an hour, then roll it into a log with parchment paper and refrigerate it for two hours.  The log you see above it what results after that.  You then slice the log into cookies (and I have to admit, the dough is absolutely delicious at this point.  I may have eaten a bit too much :) )

These get baked in the oven, and in the mean time, you make the frosting/filling.  I’ve never made frosting before, but it turns out to be really easy.  The key I found is to let the butter sit out for a long time so it’s really soft.  That, and knead the butter and sugar together by hand if you don’t have a stand mixer.

Once the cookies are all done and cooled, you put the filling on one cookie, sandwich another on top, and then voila!  Amazingly tasty homemade “Oreos”, that are seriously better (and better for you, since there’s no preservatives).  Om nom nom!

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