These jeans have gone through many, many changes while I’ve had them.  Originally, they were Eva Fit and Flare Jeans from Express.  I had to dig way back in my archives to find a pic of them in their original state.

December 2008

Soon after buying these jeans, I began to realize that I really didn’t like the flared silhouette.  So in the summer of 2009, I altered them into skinny jeans and posted a tutorial.

June 2009

I kept them like this for awhile, frequently rolling up the cuffs.  Eventually, I decided that the length was not universally flattering on me – it worked with a few outfits, but generally wasn’t that great.  So I tried making them ankle length.

January 2010

This length was fun, but I often felt a bit odd.  I can’t really put my finger on it, but it just felt a bit in-between.  Not quite regular length jeans, not quite capris.  So, last week, I decided to make them capris.

April 2010

And I love them.  I’d really been wanting a pair of denim capris for the summer, and I wasn’t really wearing them a lot at the previous lengths.  I think I’ll be getting a lot more use out of them now, and I think the final result is pretty darn flattering.

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