Ack!  Things are so busy lately!  I’ve got a lot of big things coming up soon.  At work, there’s several big events in the next few weeks that I’m an planning and preparing for.  And here on the blog, I’ve got some exciting projects coming up soon.  There will be some new changes coming up soon.  For quick idea of what’s to come, I’m planning on starting to write more posts that focus on buying hand-made, second-hand, vintage, local and eco-friendly.  I want to shift my focus more on these issues, because they’re something that I’m very passionate about, and I want to support them more and encourage others to support them.  I’ll go into more details on Monday.  Stay tuned!

I’ve noticed that, with the warmer weather, my weekend uniform tends to be a variation of what I’m wearing here.  Shorts, sandals, sleeveless blouse, light cardigan.  It’s taking me a bit to readjust to warm weather dressing, but I think I’m finally starting to remember how to be a Floridian in the Spring/Summer without looking too sloppy.

What’s your weekend uniform for warm weather?

Blouse: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shorts: Ann Taylor LOFT (thrifted)
Sandals: Born (via eBay)
Purse: Morelle City Bag
Earrings: Mackie Jewelry
Bangles: Jill Popowich Designs

Quote: No Talking, by Andrew Clements

I talked about this blazer a good bit on Sunday, but let me say again that I absolutely love it!  And it was perfect for work last week, when my media center was hosting a teacher meeting.  I wanted to look very professional, and this blazer did that perfectly.  Yellow is definitely becoming one of my favorite colors to wear.

My hair is getting overdue for a cut.  I’m thinking of shaking things up a bit and trying something I’ve never done before: getting a variation on a pixie cut.  Not super short, but definitely shorter than anything I’ve ever tried before.  I figure that summer is a good time to experiment with a new hair length, since it gets so hot, and if I don’t like it, I can just grow it back out.  While I love my bob, I’ve had it for six months now, and I’m starting to get a bit bored with it.  I think something short, layered and piece-y could be a lot of fun.

What do you think?  Should I go for the pixie cut?

(And by the way, do you like the new header?  I made it with my mad photoshop skills :) )

Blouse: Ann Taylor LOFT (thrifted)
Jacket: J Crew (via eBay)
Skirt: Semantiks
Shoes: Clarks Apple Sky
Necklace: Chocolate Cake Jewels
Watch: Target

Quote: In My New Yellow Shirt
, by Eileen Spinelli

I  had some trouble looking up an exact definition of a tea dress.  Most sources seem to agree that the length is mid calf, and that it is generally flowy and feminine and pale or pastel in color.  According to Wikipedia, the term originated with dresses that women would wear at home for tea and dinner in the late 19th century.  They were seen as more intimate than a dinner dress which was designed for wearing out.  So while this dress may not be exactly a tea dress, I still like to think of it as one.  It’s light, feminine and floral, and seems like the perfect thing to wear while drinking tea on a sunny afternoon.  And my pretty little green cardigan made this outfit feel all the more springy.

I would love to have a closet-full of dresses like this for the summer.  The fabric is so nice and light, and the print is so pretty.  Too bad I have such a small closet ;)

What is your definition of a tea dress?  Do you like researching the history of fashion?

Dress: Jonathan Martin (via Classy Consignment)
Cardigan: J Crew (via eBay)
Sandals: Dansko Novalee (via eBay)
Necklace: Jorgensen Studio
Cuff: via Classy Consignment

Nail Polish: Essie Calypso

Quote: Don’t bump the glump, by Shel Silverstein

*Week 12 of My Great Shopping Plan of 2010, where I attempt to stay on a budget and fill out my wardrobe*

After last week, I only had $42 left to spend for the month of April.  Some weeks I score a lot of great items, but this week it was just one, extremely awesome item:

J. Crew Yellow Knit Blazer,  $31 on eBay

Gap filled: Blazers for work

I  love it, love it, love it!  It works so awesomely for me, it’s ridiculous.  It’s a blazer with structure, but it’s made out of a sturdy knit cotton, so it has flexibility and doesn’t make me feel constrained, which most structured garments do.  It’s a nice cropped length, which looks fantastic with pencil skirts, dresses, and maybe even jeans too.  And did I mention that it’s yellow?  Not only is yellow a color that I absolutely adore, but it’s also one of the school colors at the school where I work.  I wore this there the other day, and I got lots of compliments on it.  This is going to become a new staple rather quickly, methinks.

So that leaves $11 left for the month of April.  Not bad.

This has been the week of comfy, put-together outfits.  I’ve been trying to meet the challenge of remixing outfits as the weather warms up, and it hasn’t been easy.  There have been a lot of days with repeat outfits that I didn’t photograph.  Adding a few new items to my wardrobe has helped to freshen things up a bit, but I’m still struggling to create new looks in the warm temps.  Cardigans have been my saving grace lately, and I’m dreading the 80 + degree temperatures that will soon become the norm for the next four or five months here.  Without the cardigan, this outfit would have just been shorts and a tee – which is a bit too casual for me most days.  A cardigan adds a nice dose of polish to it.  Right now I’m very much on the lookout for nice sleeveless blouses and light, short sleeved cardigans to get me through summer.

It’s come to my attention lately that I wear a LOT of blue.  Blue has always been one of my fall-back colors for clothing, because I’ve always loved how it brings out my blue eyes.  During the winter, I started adding a great variety of colors, but much of my summer wardrobe still centers around this hue.  I’m trying to diversify my wardrobe more now by adding yellow, green, fuchsia and other colors into my summer wardrobe.

What’s your fall-back color?

Tee: Old Navy
Cardigan: NY & Co (via Classy Consignment)
Shorts: Ann Taylor LOFT (thrifted)
Sandals: Clarks Rime (via 6pm)
Purse: Morelle Charlotte
Bangles: Jill Popowich
Earrings: Sara Westermark

Nail Polish: Essie Calypso

Quote: You’re Only Old Once!, by Dr. Seuss

On Thursday, I had a lovely day at the beach with my mom.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  It was slightly overcast, which kept the sun from baking us too much, and there was a fantastic light breeze.  We ate lunch and spent some time looking at the shops at John’s Pass, then we walked over to Treasure Island and sat on the beach for awhile.  It was so wonderfully relaxing, and it was great to get to spend some time with my mom.  It’s funny to me that, even though I only live about 45 minutes from the beach, I only actually go there about two or three times a year.  In my undergraduate years, I used to go a lot more often.  But now that I’m working full-time, I just don’t make the time to get down to the beach very often.

Aren’t these starfish earrings adorable?  I got them at a garage sale a few months ago, but had never worn them.  A trip to the beach seemed like a good time to debut them.  I think it’s kind of fun and cheeky to wear starfish earrings to the beach.

Do you live near a beach?  Do you visit the beach often, or only on occasion?

Blouse: Anthropologie
Shorts: Ann Taylor LOFT (altered be me)
Sandals: Columbia
Purse: Morelle Charlotte
Necklace: Kira Ferrer
Earrings: Garage sale

Nail Polish: Essie Calypso

Quote: Harold and the Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson

*Week 11 of My Great Shopping Plan of 2010, where I attempt to stay on a budget and fill out my wardrobe*

Last week, I didn’t buy anything.  After Week 9, I had $84 left for the month of April.  This week, I did a good bit of shopping, and got some great deals.

Sterling Silver Earrings, $30, Mackie Jewelry

Gap filled: umm…. pretty silver layered hoop earrings??

Okay, so I own a ton of silver earrings.  These don’t really fill any gaps.  But they’re gorgeous, they’re hand-made, and they make pretty sounds when they move.  So there :)  I got these at a local arts festival last week.  I love checking out the jewelry vendors, and these earrings caught my eye at one booth and wouldn’t let go.  I love them.

Ann Taylor LOFT shorts, $6 at Second Image

Gap filled: Bermuda/walking shorts

These were a great thrifting find.  I normally have a terrible time finding shorts that fit .  So much so that I usually don’t even bother looking.  But I was happily surprised to find these on the rack of my favorite thrift store.  LOFT Julie trousers always fit me great, so I knew that these would work (this isn’t the best photo ever – they’re more flattering in person).  They’ll be getting a lot of use this summer.

Tammy Mars Tunic, $6 at Second Image

This doesn’t really fill any specific gaps, but I can always use more nice blouses for work and weekends.

Tunic: Forever 21, $6
Dress: Mlle Gabrielle, $10
Tank: Old Navy, $6

All free with store credit at Revolve Clothing Exchange

Oh how I love store credit!  That lovely little animal print tunic will be so fun to wear with leggings for a night out.  The dress =  absolute love.  And it fills the gap of needing a shirt dress.  The tank will be awesome for yoga, so that I don’t have to keep wearing ratty old t-shirts with the sleeves cut out.

So, since the Revolve stuff was free, I spent $42 this week.  That leaves me with $42 left for the month. Not too bad.

These jeans have gone through many, many changes while I’ve had them.  Originally, they were Eva Fit and Flare Jeans from Express.  I had to dig way back in my archives to find a pic of them in their original state.

December 2008

Soon after buying these jeans, I began to realize that I really didn’t like the flared silhouette.  So in the summer of 2009, I altered them into skinny jeans and posted a tutorial.

June 2009

I kept them like this for awhile, frequently rolling up the cuffs.  Eventually, I decided that the length was not universally flattering on me – it worked with a few outfits, but generally wasn’t that great.  So I tried making them ankle length.

January 2010

This length was fun, but I often felt a bit odd.  I can’t really put my finger on it, but it just felt a bit in-between.  Not quite regular length jeans, not quite capris.  So, last week, I decided to make them capris.

April 2010

And I love them.  I’d really been wanting a pair of denim capris for the summer, and I wasn’t really wearing them a lot at the previous lengths.  I think I’ll be getting a lot more use out of them now, and I think the final result is pretty darn flattering.

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