After last week, I had $68 left in my shopping budget for the month, plus $90 in unspent birthday money.  I got some awesome new things this week with it.

First off, two fabulous new things that didn’t cost me anything.

Yellow Jade necklace from Mei Mei’s Jewels
Gift from my boyfriend

Gap filled: Colorful necklaces

This beautiful yellow necklace was a birthday gift from my boyfriend.  I’ve really been lacking on bright and colorful necklaces, so this will help to fill that gap.

B.U.M. jacket, gift from To Much Information

Gap filled: Mid-weight structured jacket

Nurmiusr of To Much Information sent me this jacket that didn’t fit her, and I love it.  I own hardly any jackets, so this will be very useful on those days when I need a little extra warmth.

On Friday, I went shopping in Sarasota with Kate.  It was a lot of fun, and we both found some really great stuff.  I’ll go into more detail on Monday, but here I’d like to show off the awesome stuff I got.

We started off by going to SPARCC Treasure Chest.  This is a really great thrift/antique store with reasonable prices and a pretty broad selection.  The proceeds from sales all go to the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, which helps women who are victims of domestic violence of sexual assault.  I had my best finds of the day at this store.

Dress: Ann Taylor, $12
Brooch: $11
Grey belt: $4
Leopard Belt: $6

Gaps filled: Semi-formal dress; brooches, belts

I picked this dress off the rack, and almost immediately put it back.  It’s a size smaller than what I usually wear, so I assumed it wouldn’t fit.  I decided to try it on anyway, because it was so lovely.  It fit perfectly, and when I saw that it was only $12, I knew that I had to get it.  I don’t have many dresses for quasi-formal occasions, so this will fill that gap perfectly.  I’m thinking about dyeing it darker, making it a little more blue-purple.  Anyone have tips for dyeing silk?  Has anyone ever had a dry cleaner dye a dress before?

I also got those two belts and a brooch, because you can never have too many belts and brooches.

Purple Blouse: Target, $3
Teal Necklace: $6
Brown purse: Axcess by Liz Claiborne, $7

Gaps filled: 3/4 sleeve blouses, colorful necklaces, brown purse

Right next door to SPARCC was Mustard Seed Thrift shop.  This was totally the type of thrift store I picture in my mind when I think of thrift stores located in areas with lots of retirees.  There were equal amounts of crazy kitsch and super awesome stuff.  I found this lovely purple cotton/modal blouse.  Technically it’s a maternity blouse, but I’ve hemmed it and taken the sides in a bit since this picture, so you can’t really tell.  I am so in love with that teal necklace, and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot.  The brown purse fills the gap of a brown “leather” purse.  I’ve been looking for one for a long time.  I’m not ecstatic about the fact that this one isn’t real leather, but I love everything else about it: the shape, the pockets, the adorable polka dot lining.  Even though it’s not leather, I’ll be using this one for awhile.

So I spent a total of  $49, this week, leaving me with a total of $19 for the rest of the month, plus my birthday money.

(Note:  I just got a new job this week, and my original plan allowed me to increase the amount I’m allowed to spend per month to $200 once I got a full-time job.  I’m going to wait until next month to increase the amount, since I won’t get my first paycheck until then.  For now, I’m only raising it to $175, because this job only lasts until June.  That will still give me enough extra money to start adding to my professional wardrobe.)

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