I have some very exciting news to share: I got a job!  Starting in a few weeks, I’m going to be working as a media specialist (school librarian).  The position only goes until the end of the school year, but it puts me in a very good place to get a permanent position in the next school year.  I’m so excited, and a bit nervous too!  I’m not sure yet how it will affect my blogging.  I plan to continue posting at the same rate, but I probably won’t be able to comment on other blogs as often as I have in the past.  I’m going to be diligent in setting aside some specific time to devote solely to blogging, so hopefully I can stay on track.  Also, I’m planning on buying a lap top, which will help me stay on top of things.

It was spring break at the college that I work at this week, so I got up the courage to take pictures in a semi-public place, this neat H2O sculpture (see how they look like atoms? or whatever the proper term is) by the science buildings.  I got a few strange looks from professors, and one guy on a golf cart asked me what I was doing.  I just said that I was working on a project, which is the easiest answer to give when on a college campus, and we got into a friendly discussion about cameras.  It felt so empowering to take pictures where people could actually see me, as opposed to my usually habit of finding deserted and empty areas.

These are my new Gap curvy jeans, and I am in love.  I altered the leg to make them into straight-legged jeans following my tutorial.  I’m planning on nipping in the waist a bit too, just so they can fit without a belt.  They’re so soft, and the dark premium denim wash is gorgeous.  A word of warning though – the dye on washes like this will rub off on things like light colored purses.  Usually it’s easy to clean off.

Do you feel awkward taking pictures of yourself where others can see you?

Blouse: Ann Taylor LOFT (thrifted)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT
Jeans: Gap Curvy (altered by me)
Shoes: Born Codder
Purse: Morelle Truffle
Short Pearls: Coryell Design
Long Pearls: Garage sale
Cuff: Via Classy Consignments

Quote: No Talking, by Andrew Clements

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