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Color plays a very important role in my personal style.  I always love to experiment with it and find new and interesting combinations.  But I’ve noticed that I usually won’t use more than two colors, and I rarely have three colors that are next to each other in the color wheel (Academchic would probably know what the proper term for that is).  For today’s outfit, I decided to push my boundaries a bit, and wear yellow, green and blue together.

I’m really quite happy with how they look together.  I think the fact the there’s only a little bit of green peeking out probably helps to make it look balanced and not over-whelming.  I though about wearing my red coat with this as well, but I decided that would make me feel a bit too much like a box of crayons.

Might I mention that I am completely in love with my new scarf?  It’s so warm, and the elastic ruching makes it so easy to casually wrap it around my neck.  It makes me feel like a French woman who just effortlessly throws a scarf around her neck and instantly looks chic.  Anthro still has it (in four colors)!

What are your favorite color combinations to wear?  Do you tend to stick to the same ones, or do you love to try out new mixes?

Dress: Ella Moss (via My Mosh Posh)
Cardigan: J Crew (via Ebay)
Long sleeve tee: American Eagle (thrifted)
Tights: Hue
Boots: Dankso Risa (via Ebay)
Scarf: Anthropologie
Ring: from my grandmother
Earrings: Efy Tal

Quote: The Happiness Tree: Celebrating the Gifts of Trees We Treasure, Andrea Alban Gosline

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