Like many people, I find Mondays difficult.  My sleep rhythm is usually out of whack from the weekend, leaving me tired, groggy, and not in the mood to stare at my closet for about 20 minutes trying to decide what to wear.  But that is often the case, making me late for work, stressed out, and in need of more coffee.  But now I’ve realized that, since my workplace basically has no dress code, and everyone is very casual, it is totally acceptable to wear an easy, fall-back outfit on Mondays.  This is often a jersey dress and a cardigan.   Last Monday (yes I’m a week behind on outfits)  I decided to dress up jeans and a tee.

And I loved it.  I felt like this outfit was casual and comfortable, yet also stylish and smart.  Having that cashmere cardigan and pink pearls took what would normally be a weekend outfit and made it a little more dressy.  I added my hand-knit, hand-spun scarf for a little extra warmth and coziness, and it was perfect.

I’d like to pretend that I’m walking through a beautiful forest in these pictures, but as I’ve mentioned before, this is actually just a field near my place of work.  I can see two major roads from where I’m standing.  I used to love to go hiking when I was a teenager, but it’s been years since I took an afternoon to walk through one of the larger nature parks in my area.  I should try to do it again while the weather is not miserably hot, like it will be in a few months.

What do you do about Monday outfits?  Do you plan ahead?  Do you wear one of your go-to outfits?

Tee: Style & Co (via clothing swap)
Cardigan: DKNY (via Revolve)
Jeans: Express Stella
Boots: Dansko Nena (via Ebay)
Scarf: Spun and knit by me
Purse: Morelle Charlotte
Pearls: garage sale

Quote: The Three Silly Billies, by Margie Palatini

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