Dansko Sela Sandals   $35 on Ebay

Gap filled: White sandals

We just wrapped up week 3 of my Great Shopping Plan of 2010, and so far I feel like it’s going quite well.  Because I’m still looking for a permanent, full-time job, I’m allowed to spend $125 a month on clothes, shoes and accessories, focusing on filling gaps in my wardrobe and shopping local, second-hand, and hand-made as much as possible.  After last week, I had $80 left for the month.

I didn’t really buy much this week, mostly because I was just too busy to go shopping.  Also, I’m trying to save a bit of money to go thrifting on my birthday next Thursday.  So I only bought one thing this week: a pair of white Dansko Sela sandals.  Now I realize that to many up North, it may seem crazy to be buying sandals in February.  But the fact is that we really only have a few more weeks of cold weather left in Florida, and after that it will be hot until October.  Sally at Already Pretty has talked before about shopping for the dominant season where you live, and that’s what I’m doing here.  I really, really wanted to have a pair of white sandals last summer, and these filled that gap, so I know that I’ll be wearing them a lot.

The sandals were a mere $35 on Ebay, so that leaves me with $45 left to spend this month.  I buy a lot of my clothes and shoes on Ebay, and several of you have asked for some tips and advice on how I find items there.  I wrote up a post on that, and it will be up tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!

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