I generally tend to be about five days behind in posting outfits.  This helps to keep putting posts together from being too stressful, because I don’t have to worry if there simply isn’t time to take a picture of an outfit one day.  Thus, this is actually what I wore on Valentine’s Day.

To be honest, I don’t really take the holiday too seriously.  My first job was working for Hallmark Cards, so I’m a bit disillusioned at the commercialization and pressure that tends to come with Valentine’s Day.  My boyfriend and I kept it simple.  He gave me some chocolate, and we relaxed and watched movies and cooked a really tasty dinner of mashed potatoes and gravy with turkey and brocolli.   This outfit was the perfect compliment to a low-stress, relaxing day, and the floral pattern kept it a bit romantic.

When I picked up this blouse off the sale rack at Anthropologie last week, it was mostly on a whim, because I was attracted to the pattern.  I didn’t really expect to get it, since I have so many sleeveless patterned blouses.  But now, I absolutely love it, and I think it’s going to become a wardrobe staple for me in the coming months.  It’s funny how you sometimes find your favorite items when you least expect to.

What’s one of your favorite wardrobe items that you stumbled onto without really looking for?

Blouse: Anthropologie
Salmon Layering Tank: The Limited (via Revolve)
Cardigan: J Crew (via Ebay)
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Born Codder
Necklace: garage sale
Ring: from my mom
Bangles: Jill Popowich

Quote: Anatole Over Paris, by Eve Titus

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