My Mosh Posh is pretty new to the Tampa scene, but it has quickly become one of my favorite consignment boutiques.  The store is clean and well-lit, and the staff is very friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help you find what you’re looking for.  I bought my beloved Ella Moss dress at this store.   I interviewed the owner, Lauren Basil, to find out more about what makes My Mosh Posh unique.

Tell me about your store.  What sets it apart from other consignment stores?

“Mosh Posh is a High End Consignment Boutique which offers contemporary styles and current trends. We often receive items from local consignors which you would still find currently in full price retail stores. Mosh Posh is less of a thrift store and more of a boutique that carries unique and designer items for much less than retail. We offer online tracking for consignors and soon will have an online store for people to purchase items through our website”


What inspired you to open your store?

“There are many consignment stores locally that I have consigned at but none that I desired to really shop at. With the economy turning, I wanted a place where I could continue to get my favorite designers but wasn’t really into shopping at thrift stores or other local consignment stores. With Mosh Posh, I wanted to create a place that didn’t carry the typical consignment stigma. The goal was to create a store that you knew what you were going to get at a great price in a boutique like setting. No more scrounging through racks to find one great item just a wide assortment of designer items.”


What is your favorite thing about running a consignment boutique?

“I enjoy it when customers get great deals and are really excited about their purchase because they wouldn’t have been able to afford it at full retail price. We have several customers that come in daily to see what is new and you really develop personal relationships with our shoppers which is always great. One of the coolest things about owning a consignment store is we receive really unique items from all over the world that you wouldn’t be able to find at your typical retail store.”


What are the advantages of shopping at consignment stores?

“Deals, assortment of brands, unique items, great service.”




What was your favorite item out of everything you’ve sold?  What is your favorite item from your personal collection?

“Gucci Patent Pumps..never worn! They retail for $695 today at a high end dept store and a customer was able to purchase them for $295. That’s a $400 savings just for buying them at our store and they are new! All items sold at Mosh Posh are hand selected on consignment as we don’t own any inventory. I can tell you my favorite item currently in our store are these over-the-knee Christian Dior Biker Boots. They are beautiful and very new York but it is so much fun when people try them on because they are so high.”




Who would you consider your style icons?

“My style is very simple yet elegant. Since I had a baby recently, I’ve also discovered that comfort and being practical are two very important aspects of my clothing choices. I would say Reese Witherspoon or Katie Holmes would be a couple of celebrities that I would consider to be my style icons. I enjoy their fashionable yet classic looks.”




What else would you like to tell us about the store?

“Mosh Posh is changing shopping habits for a lot of people. You would be amazed at the amount of people that shop at our store that are driving Mercedes, Jaguars and other high end cars. These people could probably afford to go to high end department stores and pay full price but because of the economy they are trying to save a penny here and there when possible. Mosh Posh offers a venue for our clientele to shop without feeling as if they are shopping a thrift store. So I think one of the biggest things that sets Mosh Posh apart from other consignment stores is the atmosphere which we have created for our customers. You would not believe the amount of people that have come into our store scour the racks and purchase something without ever knowing we were a consignment store. Because we hand select each item for quality control we are able to put only the best quality/condition and most current product on the floor. We probably turn more clothes away then we take on a daily basis.”

500 South Howard Ave., Suite D
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: 813.258.8800

Monday: 11am-6pm
Tuesday: 11am-6pm
Wednesday: 11am-6pm
Thursday: 11am-6pm
Friday: 11am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: Closed

The weather has finally turned cold again in Florida, and I’m milking it for all it’s worth.  I know that pretty much everyone is ready for Spring, but right now I am loving winter.  Boots and tights and scarves and sweaters are so much fun, and I know that it’s only a short few month until the hot temps of summer will be here.

This outfit definitely kept me warm, but I must say that I wasn’t completely sold on the color scheme.  I would rather have worn a solid white blouse underneath, or even a pale blue one, but I didn’t have any that would work with this outfit.  I still think it looks good, but the tones are a bit warm overall for my liking.

One thing I am sold on is this method of tying a scarf.  Referred to by many as the Orchid Grey wrap, it essentially involves wrapping a scarf around  your neck once or twice, and then tucking the ends in.  It worked fabulously with this hand-spun, hand-knit merino scarf.  It was fantastically cozy.  If I ever do decide to open an Etsy shop, it would probably be to sell scarves like this.  That won’t be anytime soon though, as I have more than enough on my plate right now.

What’s your favorite winter accessory?  Do you love getting bundled up for winter, or are you more of a spring/summer type?

Blouse: Ann Taylor LOFT (thrifted)
Cardigan: J Crew (via Ebay)
Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT (via Ebay)
Tights: Hue
Boots: Dansko Risa (via Ebay)
Scarf: Handspun and knit by me
Cuff Bracelet: second-hand

Quote: Woolbur, by Leslie Helakoski

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