February 1st marked the beginning of my Great Shopping Plan of 2010 (which is really just a budget, but calling it “Great Shopping Plan” makes it seem so much more fun).  At this point, I’m allowed to spend $125 a month on clothes, focusing on (but not limited to) shopping local, second-hand, and handmade.  I also created a list of 50 wardrobe gaps to concentrate on this year.

So how did I do the first two weeks?

One of my favorite places to shop is Revolve Clothing Exchange.  As I’ve mentioned before, you can bring in your clothes that you don’t want anymore and get store credit for items that they accept (thus the Exchange part).  I had a nice bit of store credit after a recent closet cleaning, so I got a few things.

Gap Denim Jacket  $12 (free with store credit)
Gap filled: Structured Jacket

Sparkly Rampage Vest  $10 (free with store credit)
Gap filled: Sparkly Awesomeness

Salmon tank: The Limited $4
Blue tank: Target $4
Seafoam cami: Old Navy $6

Gaps filled: Layering tanks/camis

Okay, I realize that Sparkly Awesomeness wasn’t technically on my gaps list.  But I have been wanting something sparkly for awhile, and this vest is just so awesome and unique (and polyester-free!) that I had to go for it.  This counts under my provision of buying things that I love.

Since February is my birthday month, Anthropologie sent me a lovely coupon for 15% off my total purchase.  Armed with a bit of early birthday money, I went to my local Anthro ready to shop.  I ended up being a bit disappointed, because several of the items I really liked had more than 50% polyester content, which is unacceptable to me, especially at Anthro’s price point.  I’ve always loved Anthro for their quality fabrics, and it really concerns me that they’re starting to use more and more polyester, yet still charging the same prices.  If I’m going to spend $88 on a blouse, it better be cotton, modal, silk or linen.

Anyhow, gripes aside, I managed to find some gems:

15% b-day discount included)
Catch and Release Scarf: $28
Road Tripping Belt: $33
Blouse: $34 (on sale)

Gaps filled: Blue scarf, waist cinching belt

I really love the things I bought.  I’ve been eyeing this belt since it went online, and I really needed a black waist-cinching belt.  I’ve also really been wanting a light blue scarf, and this one is really cozy and delightfully unique.  The blouse doesn’t really fill any gaps, but it looks gorgeous on, and will definitely be a staple in spring and summer.

So, everything I bought at Revolve was on store credit, so it doesn’t count against my budget.  I spent $95 at Anthro, and $50 of that was birthday money, so only $45 count against my monthly budget of $125.  That leaves me with $80 for the rest of the month.  Not too bad.

ETA:  Because some were interested, the items that I skipped out on at Anthro were the Rivers Rise Top and the Percussive Cardigan.   It really is a shame, because both items looked gorgeous on, but I just can’t stand the feeling of polyester against my skin.

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