Back to my favorite new photo place again!  I’m trying to get down here for photos at least once a week.  It’s such a beautiful place to take pictures, and I find being here so relaxing.  I had to be careful today though, because those heels are a bit narrow, for me at least, and I had to tread lightly so as not to fall into the spring.

This outfit was all about one of my favorite color combinations: black, white and grey with pops of red.  I haven’t worn these beautiful Born Biddy boots enough to do them justice, so I wanted to base an outfit around them.  I love how they look with the black and white of the dress and tights.  I added the slim grey hoodie to provide a little extra warmth, as well as to balance out the black and white so that it wasn’t too harsh.  I chose a red scarf and purse to keep with the color combination, and then kept the jewelry simple with a solitary pair of silver hoop earrings.

Wearing a hoodie with a dress might be a bit too casual for some workplaces, but most everyone at my job wears jeans and t-shirts to work everyday, so it’s not really a problem.  I  have been giving some consideration as to how my work style will change once I finally get a job in my chosen career as a children’s librarian.  It will probably be a little less casual and a little more conservative.  I’m hoping that I will be able to let my personality shine though, while still looking appropriate for the environment.

Do you find yourself having to sacrifice elements of your personal style at your workplace?  Or are you able to mesh your personal style with the dress code (written or unwritten) that is expected of you at work?

Dress: Express
Hoodie: Express (via Classy Consignments)
Tights: Hue
Boots: Born Biddy
Scarf: Kohls
Purse: Morelle Truffle
Belt: from my mom
Earrings: Garage sale

Quote: Sylvia Jean, Drama Queen, by Lisa Campbell Ernst

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