Last week, I introduced you to The Great Shopping Plan of 2010, which started February 1.  With that plan, I will have a set budget every month, try to buy items to fill current wardrobe gaps, and shop primarily at secondhand, hand-made and local retailers.  Normally, I would be posting what I bought this week.  But I thought it would be good to cover what I bought in January when I had no restrictions for myself first.  Next week, I will start covering what I’ve bought under the new Shopping Plan.

So what did I buy when I had no restrictions?

Fossil Drape Cardigan  $50 (bought with gift card)

Since I bought this cardigan with a gift card, it didn’t hurt my budget.  I can definitely say that it’s quickly becoming a wardrobe staple for me.  I love the vibrant color, and the long drapey-ness of it makes it extremely versatile.

J Crew Yellow Cashmere Cardigan  $45 on Ebay

Ah, the cashmere addiction begins!  This was my first Ebay cashmere purchase of the month, and I continue to adore it.  The color is perfect, and has cemented my love of yellow.  The cashmere is insanely soft, the craftsmanship of the button-band and cuffs is perfect.  I’m in love.

Sunshine Yellow 70′s Vintage Handbag  $26 at Advintagous

More yellow addiction!  I love this bright, textured vintage purse.  It has a frame closure, can hold all my stuff I normally carry, and it’s yellow!  What more do you need?

J Crew Blue and White Cashmere 3/4 Sleeve Sweater   $22 on Ebay

The cashmere addiction continues!  It’s amazing what fantastic prices you can find on cashmere on Ebay.  But make sure you fully read item descriptions and look closely at photos.  This sweater has a rolled hem, which is a personal pet peeve of mine.  I’ve hand stitched it up here so it doesn’t roll, but I’m thinking about buying some coordinating yarn and re-knitting the hem.  Yes, I’m a crazy perfectionist when it comes to knits.

Botanical Leaf Earrings   $30 from wear-thou

Recently, I had been craving a pair of long, feather shaped earrings with a more modern and less bohemian/earthy look.  Leave it to Etsy to have exactly what I want.  I’ll be wearing these a lot.

There were also a few items that didn’t get photographed yet:

  • Black Cashmere Sweater $32.50 on Ebay

I haven’t taken photos of this one yet because it still has to be washed.  It has rolled hems too, but for some reason they don’t roll as much as the other sweater.

  • Purple Hue Tights: $4.50 on Ebay
  • Red Hue Tights  $6.75 on Ebay
  • Black Hue Tights  $12 at Anthropologie

So I bought three pairs of tights.  The black and red ones were bought to replace old tights that were wearing out.  I’m still trying to figure out how to work the purple ones into an outfit.

This one just came back from the tailor, so you’ll be seeing it soon.

So how much did I spend last month?  $200.75 (not counting the Fossil gift card purchase).  Over budget?  Yes.  But not horrendously.  And almost everything I bought were items I absolutely love.  And aside from the black tights from Anthro, everything I bought was second-hand, hand-made or local.  So I think I did pretty well, even without formal restrictions.   And I’m happy that I’m starting to learn how to buy things that I love.  I think this Shopping Plan is going to work out alright.

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