Last week, we had a nice cold spat, and the morning of this outfit, it was actually in the fifties!  I had to take advantage of the cold while I had it, and I’d been itching to try a new layering technique inspired by Lucky.


This was just the right amount of warmth for the morning.  I love the look of the scarf and cardi being belted together.  This day also gave me a chance to wear my knee high boots for the first time.  I wish we had more cold days in Florida.


Unfortunately, my place of work had the heater on full blast, and all this was way too warm for indoors.  Luckily, I devised a clever remix to make this outfit work. I wore the scarf as a shawl, and then belted it around the waist.  Chic and practical.



Dress: Express
Cardigan: Handknit
Scarf: Target
Tights: Target
Boots: Dansko Risa
Belt: Thrifted
Purse: Morelle Oyster

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