I mentioned a few accessory gaps when I did my wardrobe gaps post, so I’ll try to make this one a bit more focused.  These are some areas where I feel I’m really lacking in the accessories realm.

Hats (in general)


1920′s Cloche  $65 (Bonnie’s Knitting)

I only own two non-knit hats.  I need more of all kinds.  Of course, I have to figure out what styles will work best with my hair.  I’ve always loved cloches, so I’d like to give them a try.

Statement Rings


Elephant Adjustable Button Ring  $8 (ShopKim)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m seriously lacking in the ring department.  I’d love to remedy this by adding some fun and sassy statement rings that I could use as accents in outfits.

Green, blue or purple shoes

FluevogFriends Sharon  $145 (Fluevog)

In the shoe realm, I’ve got red, orange, yellow, black and brown taken care of.  But I don’t have a single pair of green, blue or purple dress shoes.  This must change.

A Circle Scarf

AA Circle Scarf

Circle Scarf  $28  (American Apparel)

I own a lot of scarves, but I don’t have any in jersey, and none that are a circle/cowl style.  I really love American Apparel’s version, especially in tri-evergreen and purple.



Four Silver Leaves Hand-beaded Headband  $30  (QuirkyBeauty)

I really love headbands.  They look fantastic with my hairstyle, and I don’t have anywhere near as many as I would like.

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