I love dresses.  I think they can be one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces.  But because I have a pear/hourglass shape, I often have trouble finding dresses that fit me in both the chest and hips.  That’s why I would absolutely love to buy a custom handmade dress – it would be made to fit my exact measurements.  I can’t really afford one right now, but once I get a stable job, I see myself buying many. A well-made dress is a worthwhile investment.


Bright Green Olive Pleated Collar Dress   $165

Amanda Archer Collection


Tulip Dress  $475

Sarah Seven

Ruffle Dress

Ruffle Dress  $290

Liza Rietz


Silvia Pinal in Pink Print  $65

Miss Mars

Cosmo Dress

The Cosmo Dress  $92

Inner Evolution

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